Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fall coming and Christmas gift ideas

I love to make Christmas gifts and if I don't get started soon, stress becomes part of the holidays. Lived through too many seasons with all of that.
Fall is on its way here. Night temperatures have dropped, showers are back. I love it! I pulled up my basil plants and hung them in the garage to dry.  The garage smells amazing right now. The basil will be joined soon by thyme and rosemary.
I discovered several bloggers and foodie people telling of what they make for Christmas gifts--olive oil infused with herbs and lemon. Thought this was brilliant and found some lovely small bottles to hold my new creations.
It's tinted to provide some protection for the olive oil. I can imagine my giftees will have it out on their counters using the oil every night for their dinners! I only think "joy" when I give gifts. Reality make state otherwise.
 I don't usually get this excited by I can seriously feel that these flavored oils will be a big hit.  I have time to hit the thrift stores to find other bottles. Our local Costco does sell organic evoo done the right way from Italy at a very reasonable price.
The best method I discovered is to dry your own herbs and use them to infuse the oil. You'll see bottle with fresh leaves in them. It was cautioned that a form of botulism can occur.
No wrapping needed-just a lovely bow....